Interfacial Line Defect Analysis (ILDA) – code for identifying and extracting interfacial line defects (dislocations and disconnections) in atomistic datasets, written in Python for use in OVITO Pro

  • Source code: GitLab repository (released May 2023)
  • Reference: Deka N., Stukowski A., and Sills R. B., Automated Extraction of Interfacial Dislocations and Disconnections from Atomistic Data, Under Review
  • Documentation: (see GitLab repository)
  • Funding support: Department of Energy, Basic Energy Sciences

Parallel Dislocation Simulator (ParaDiS) – mesoscale modeling code for discrete dislocation dynamics written in C/C++, originally released by LLNL and heavily modified by Prof. Sills and other team members in Wei Cai’s group at Stanford (available by request)

Object-based Dislocation Tomography (ObDiTO) – code for performing tomographic reconstruction of dislocation structures from a tilt-series of transmission electron micrographs, written in MATLAB

  • Source code: (released January 2022)
  • Reference: Sills R. B and Medlin D. L. Semi-automated, Object-based Tomography of Dislocation Structures, Microsc. Microanal., In-Press. [link]
  • Documentation: ObDiTo Manual_Jan2022
  • Funding support: Sandia National Laboratories